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Artist mixing colours in the Pink House Studio
Several glass jars containing fabric printing inks in the process of being mixed

I’m an artist designer specialising in textile printing, working from the Pink House Studio in Wiltshire. Responding to my own briefs or commissions, I use my unique, original, hand printed textile designs to make products for the home and fashion accessories. When not working with textiles I make paper prints and collages inspired by rural landscapes and buildings. 

The studio contains a press and a large multi purpose printing table. I have a stack of screens which get changed from time to time.


Inspiration often comes from witnessing the drama and seasonal changes of the natural environment around where I live. I creatively explore natural forms and the spaces between them. I love experimenting with the infinite possibilities of colour and mark making. It is this process of visual and tactile interrogation that informs my designs, which are interwoven with the informality of nature and spontaneity of the maker’s hand.


Photos: @poppyjermaine

paper templates and colour mixing
Artist preparing to print a colour onto fabric using a silk screen.
A printmaker holding up a print roller prepared with graduated colour from blue to red
Wet red and blue ink applied to silk on the print table creating a design of overlaid checked blocks made of scratched lines
Artist Aly Storey in the print  studio smiling through a face mask
Two women stand outside the artists studio in the sunshine having a cold drink
Printmakers studio and press with shelves above showing artworks
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