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‘Flux’ this year's theme for open studio

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

My journey in print, design, pattern, colour and textiles has gathered both pace and new inspirations. Building on a range of products and designs developed last year I have continued to expand my ‘maker’ skills and ideas, evolving the collection through learning new skills and techniques. Collaboration with other artists through courses and workshops has enabled me to grow both the knowledge and the confidence to push my own creative boundaries. Since last Open Studios, printmaking sessions at Rabley Drawing Centre, have enabled me to explore my interest in mark making. Whilst immersed in the process of using a press and etching inks it has been hard to avoid a deeper interest in colour as well as marks. I’m looking forward to more discoveries with Rabley in their coming autumn and winter sessions and the ideas developed there are transferring well to screens for use in print here at Pink House Studio. Examples of the unique paper prints I have been developing will be available at Open Studio. At the same time, my love of silk lead me to artist Carole Waller. With her inspirational guidance I have demystified some of the dark arts of how to apply colour and designs to silk without the stiffening effects of ink. This process retains the lovely floating nature of silk and I am at the start of my own journey with this media having upgraded my studio print table surface. Practicalities aside, I have since the beginning set myself a brief to produce non-representational abstract work. It may seem counterintuitive, but this self imposed constraint continues to liberate my ability to make new discoveries through the creative processes involved in print making, even so, some figurative drawings do leak through! So, with flux in mind, I look forward to welcoming visitors to the studio and sharing my developing style through the artworks and processes on show.

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