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In an Idea World

Thank you for subscribing to my site, this may be first time you’ve seen a communication from me and I admit it is a very rare thing.

This last year has been a bumpy and emotional one with the passing of my mum. Being able to carry on with my creative practice has been at best sporadic.

Even so, the part formed and fully formed ideas are there and waiting in the wings for me to give them attention.

The breakthrough came on one of the many occasions I lay awake with patterns and colours in my head, an idea crystallised and I knew I had to get started.

The studio is not yet equipped as I would like, so in order to release the idea with immediacy, I returned to the screenprinting method I learned first, using hand cut paper stencils, from which only a small number of prints can be achieved before needing to cut another stencil.

I didn’t know at the time that this would be the start of a ‘design/thinking through making’ journey. The cutting of the stencils produces ‘negative’ shapes, which in turn can be used to create more designs. Of course thought and colour choice factor here, as well as an energetic fervour, which is consuming and enjoyable and good for the soul. I love geometric patterns and often come back to repetition and order and right now I’m happy concentrating on this.

Here are some of the new designs.

You’ll be able to see these and other textile products from 7 - 28 May at @Caerbladon gallery in Malmesbury, Wiltshire and you’ll also be able to see the photographs of Leonora Saunders exploring different meanings of home based work for women in Britain from the early 19th century to the present day.


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