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On The Radio

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It has been a great start to 2019 and in unexpected ways too.

BBC Wiltshire got in touch a few weeks ago having seen my website and wanted to interview me about how I use social media to promote what I do.

“Who me…?” whilst looking to see who else might be around was my initial response.

I always feel as though there is so much more to know and so much more I could be doing to promote Pink House Studio, so I tentatively emailed to check they had actually really thought I’d make a good candidate. A phone conversation followed, and last Monday I went to BBC Wiltshire (with a couple of cushions for comfort!). There I met the producer, Roo, who introduced me to the presenters of ‘The Social’, Sue Kinnear and Tim Weeks. We had an off-air chat and then before I knew it the live interview was happening!

Here it is;

(Available until 11 March)

BBC Wiltshire radio interview with Sue Kinnear and Tim Weeks

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