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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

When you start up a new creative venture, it's easy to contemplate how anyone will ever discover what you are making and so by necessity, the trial and error process of getting your message out there begins, often with no budget and no clue! Participating in the world where creative ideas happen and lovely things get made, you soon discover how many very talented artists and makers there are, creating beautiful innovative work. So when someone discovers you quite by chance, it's a lovely surprise and a great encouragement. This gallery found me, they seemed to be a good fit and so deciding to exhibit with them followed. So from January to May, a small selection of my designs will be featured in their EBB + FLOW exhibition. I'll be updating the work from time to time too. Do take a look in @Arteriawithgallery23 if you are in the centre of Lancaster.

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